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Coordinator Handbook

Newly revised in 2018, the GO FAR Coordinator Handbook is packed with content. Each week, lessons explore a new character trait as well as a muscle group or nutrition tip. A variety of games and activities are provided to complement themes, and the We Dare You challenges are a great way to encourage families to join in GO FAR too! 


(Hover over descriptions below to view enlarged examples)


are available for lessons from both semesters, saving coaches preparation time.


are creative and fun for kids!


chock-full of materials and ideas for coaches, from task lists, to snack suggestions, to a glossary of exercises.

Two Semesters

of material, eight weeks each, plus two weeks of alternate lesson plans...36 lesson plans in all. Scroll down to view samples.


are a fun way to incorporate GO FAR concepts into children's lives between training sessions.  


contain lesson extensions, coach tips, or fun ideas. 


expose children to positive traits that translate into qualities of good runners, good students, and good people.


help to remind coaches that many participants have never run in a 5K and need to be taught about race etiquette and what to expect on race day.  

Optional Activities

provide flexibility for coaches and extra enjoyment for participants!

Nutrition TIPS

teach kids the importance of choosing healthy foods.


alternate with Nutrition Tips, teaching kids about major muscle groups and body systems and how they can help them become stronger runners.


are time based, 30 minutes per session, not distance based.

Online Coach's Toolkit

The online Coach's Toolkit is a website created exclusively for GO FAR coaches. It complements the handbooks by providing extra advice, ideas, and downloadable resources that can be personalized for individual clubs:
  • Club logistics
  • Funding opportunities
  • Marketing templates & ideas
  • Parent newsletters
  • Certificates
  • Event information & deadlines
  • Race day reminders
  • Tips from experienced coaches
​Everything you will need to start and maintain a GO FAR club is included!

What do coaches have to say about GO FAR?

Lauren Bianchi, GO FAR coach, loves how GO FAR teachers children about perseverance.


“Running is hard! GO FAR teaches children that they can do hard!”

Wes Cashwell, GO FAR coach, sees first hand how GO FAR is shaping futures... 


“The end of the GO FAR 5K race is only the beginning of a lifetime of pursuits and achieving goals, assisted by the lessons learned through the GO FAR program.” 

Courtney Best, GO FAR board member, remarks that GO FAR carries over into school...


“I believe when children feel a sense of achievement in one area of their lives, that feeling of competence carries over into improved school work and good decision-making too.”


We keep costs to a minimum to match even the most basic budgets.

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