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GO FAR Coaches are Changing Lives

GO FAR’s power to transform children is immediately obvious. Students grow physically stronger while also gaining confidence, self-esteem, and the knowledge that they can set and meet goals. Kids tell us that crossing the 5K finish line and receiving a finisher’s medal feels like winning the Olympic Games.


But GO FAR’s greatest impact may be the ripples it sends through a whole community. Often a participant’s parents and siblings start to share the training on weekends, agree to make simple changes to their diets, and complete the 5K. Teachers see the enthusiasm of their students and often join in, transforming themselves and serving as positive role models. Join us and start changing lives in your community!

What do kids have to say about GO FAR?

Participating in a GO FAR club has helped me...


“Become more positive in who I am and how fast I can run.” 

“Realize that being healthy can be fun!” 

GO FAR has taught me...


“That healthy choices are not hard to make if you are determined.”

“How to work hard and how to stay healthy and fit.”

When I crossed the finish line I felt...

“Astonished, I didn't know I had the power and strength.”

“Like a superstar.”


Time Tested

GO FAR is celebrating
15 years, reaching more than 6,000 children from over 100 schools annually. Clubs are offered in public schools, private/charter schools, YMCAs, PE classes, even competative teams. Most programs repeat season after season.

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