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An event that inspires kids to GO FAR

The finish line at a GO FAR race is different from others. The course is lined with moms and dads, siblings and friends, neighbors and teachers, everyone encouraging and celebrating, creating a human tunnel of excitement! A high school band does their part at the final turn, energizing runners for the last 500 feet with their peppy tunes. Dance troupes and cheerleaders perform while applauding runners. Elementary and middle school students smile, cheer, or maybe cry as they reach their goal. After training for 8 to 10 weeks to run a 5K — for many their first — their reward is greater than a medal. This is something they have done on their very own.

Race Day Festivities

Race day is fun for all – group exercises, music, games, give-aways, and snacks including fresh cooked pancakes, vendor samples, and tasty treats. A perfect opportunity to connect kids and families from your school with to local organizations that put a priority on healthy lifestyles.

Additionally, coaches set up their own school meeting areas so families can gather with friends and kids can connect with coaches before the race. Many schools wear matching outfits or school spirit wear on race day, giving a sense of team to an individual sport.


GO FAR races are organized with kids in mind – safety is top priority. Ample police officers and over 100 volunteers wearing bright vests are stationed along the course and throughout the festivities area.

At the finish line, runners are given healthy snacks to refuel after their run. Foods provided match the healthy nutrition tips kids were exposed to during training sessions.

Every runner receives a GO FAR finisher medal, as a reminder of achieving their goal. Medals are unique each season, matching t-shirt artwork.

Support for coaches

Logistically GO FAR makes race participation easy for clubs…

  • Kids/families register themselves for the race. You won't have to handle money or race registration forms, all of this is completed online.

  • Coaches can pick up race kits for all runners from your school 10 days before the race, making packet pick up a breeze for families.

  • GO FAR provides maps, a race day reminders handout and finisher certificates to simplify communication of race information.

  • One coach from each school receives a free registration coupon for every race.

  • And we provide scholarships for needy children.

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